1944 British Army kaki flannel shirt

1944 British Army kaki flannel shirt, lemagasin, le magasin

1944 British Army kaki flannel shirt

size: shoulders 48cm • chest 60cm • sleeve 61cm

condition: interesting British Army shirt, dated 1944. The other marking (T.O.A. means Troupes d’Occupation en Allemagne aka Occupation Troops in Germany) indicates that this shirt was given to the french forces by the British ones due the lack of equipment on the french side. Shirt is in very good condition and has nice mending (collar) and patch on the right sleeve.

made of: flannel.

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Chemise kaki en flanelle UK 1944

taille: épaules 48cm • poitrine 60cm • manche 61cm

condition: chemise de l’armée britannique donnée aux Troupes d’Occupation (françaises) de l’Allemagne à la fin de la guerre. En très bon état, beaux raccommodages (col) et rapiècement sur la manche droite.

matière: flanelle.

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