Europe & International

Different countries have put measures that have an impact on the logistics process.
For many countries it’s still possible to deliver parcels and mail but delays may occur.
The number of flights and their capacity is still very limited, and we are dependent on the local situation for deliveries.
That means we cannot currently guarantee delivery times for shipments to these countries.
We will of course do all we can to deliver your parcels as quickly as possible.

Countries where parcels and mail can still be delivered:.

Europe: all countries incl. Russia, except Moldova, Albania, Bosnia,
Belarus, Georgia, Faroe Islands, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey
America: Brazil, Canada, USA
Asia-Pacific: China only


It is not yet possible to send post and parcels to other countries. 

1951 french army light jackets, lemagasin, le magasin
1951 french army light jackets
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1930's french indigo linen work apron, lemagasin, le magasin
1930’s french indigo linen work apron
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1950's french army beige linen shirts
1950’s french army beige linen shirts
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1951 US Army Dress Overcoat Korean War, Le Magasin, lemagasin, vintage clothing, militaria
1951 US Army Dress Overcoat Korean War
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1970's french Renault blue quilted jacket
1970’s french Renault blue quilted jacket
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1970's british Mammoth motorcyclist leathers
1970’s british Mammoth motorcyclist leathers
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1960's french woman tunic
1960’s french woman tunic
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1940's herringbone chambray work pants
1940’s herringbone chambray work pants
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1980's deadstock french black Palladium Pampa High, lemagasin, le magasin, palladium
1980’s deadstock french black Palladium Pampa High
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Le Magasin presents a very personal selection of vintage & antique clothing, shoes and accessories. Focus is on men’s clothing.

We are based in Belgium nearby the french border, at the absolute center of Europe: In a ray of 300km around us, one finds Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Paris & Cologne to name just a few.